Make these customs!

Hey Lucky Ladies!

I have a huge event coming up on May 3rd and I need more samples of my custom shoes. I have these adorable 8.5 leather shoes that I was going to use as a sample (with fake details and a fake brides name) but thought I should offer them up to any of you lucky ladies in case you were interested. Because I don’t have much time to get these finished they would just be basic details like: your names, wedding date, and then a few other details here and there. Because these are “sample” shoes and have been worn once (nice and broken in) I can do shoes + design service for $95 plus $5-$10 for Viagra 100mg shipping (payable through paypal. This is significantly less then my regular design fee so if you are anyone you know might be interested please share this with them! First person to contact me about them gets them so don’t wait…I will need your details of what you would like included either tonight or tomorrow so that they can be finished on time and put on display at this event.

Let me know if you have any questions by emailing me at or calling 860.841.1126! Hope all of you lucky ladies are having a great weekend and I am SO excited to make some custom shoes for one of you!